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Virginia C. January 11, 2023
"I bought a beautifully 14 kt gold bangle bracelet for my birthday and I just loved it. Mr. Garcia is so professional and care about the quality of hi s merchandise. He goes above and beyond to find me a piece of jewelry that I can cherish for the rest of my life. I recommend this family owned jewelry store to others who want to enjoy great quality jewelry pieces."
Cris Lopez January 10, 2023
"Great Customer Service And Perfect Pricing, Took My Gold Chain For Repair And They Did An Amazing Job ❤️ Definitely Recommend This Place."
James S. May 29, 2022
"By far THE BEST jewelry store in the vicinity... The staff treat Every customer as if they are royalty, customers are greeted, treated, respected, and regarded with the ABSOLUTE utmost respect and hospitality... I have NEVER felt so appreciated as a customer anywhere else I've went as far as jewelry stores as I have felt EVERY SINGLE TIME I step foot into this IMMACULATE, ORGANIZED, DETAIL ORIENTED store the first thing you will notice is how easy the layout in which the different categories and makes are divided and sorted by... The staff is EXTREMELY WELL informed, educated, knowledgeable and very thorough in of their work, repairs, cleanings, adjustments, as well as restorations. EXTREMELY understanding, compassionate, generous, outgoing, trustworthy, helpful, fair, honest and professional in ALL that they do. I would HIGHLY recommend this particular jewelry store to anyone who is looking to get fair prices, five star treatment, honest and caring quotes as well as information reg."